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Flexo Film

        Flexo Film is a thin flexible film that is widely used in industry for applications such as developing prototypes and proofs or labels for corrugated cylinders and flexible packaging. It is designed to work specifically with the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 and can create a very wide range of colors and special effects. The paper has a metallic sheen that can accurately reflect what packages that are used for packages such as snacks will look like. There is a white opaque ink that the Epson printer can print on to mask the metallic sheen of the flexo film and can be then printed on top of.

        This gives designers a great deal of flexibility when designing a prototype for a project. If a metallic, glossy sheen is needed for the proof then they are able to have that and if a opaque, non-metallic background is needed they can have that as well. Flexo film is a great option for any needs for flexible and cheap packages or labels. It gives developers the ability to design a wide variety of prototypes and labels to go on packages. Our flexo film is sold in 24"x100ft rolls and can be viewed HERE.

        If you have any other printing needs we also carry a full line of canvas, paper and vinyl. Feel free to call us at 1-805-747-4611, for any questions that you may have.