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Scrim and Removable Vinyl are typically used for large banner or advertisements that need to be prominently displayed. They are very resistant to any type of damage from environmental factors such as water and temperature. Meant to be used in applications such as trade show displays, exterior advertisements or banners, they provide a cheap and quickly produced alternative to other forms of exterior communication such as neon signs or 3 dimensional letters.

The difference between the removable vinyl and scrim banners, is that the removable vinyl is meant for temporary advertisements (6 months-2 years) that can be removed without damage to the surface they were applied to. It has a vinyl surface with an adhesive specially designed to firmly stick to any smooth surface and come off cleanly. They work great indoors and outdoors, lamination is recommended for outdoor use as it increases lifetime, and are compatible with dye and pigment inks and both piezo and electric printers. It has a matte finish and makes a great surface for photos or text.

Scrim banner rolls are ideal for any signage, banners or trade-show displays and are great for outdoor uses. They provide an easily mounted and customizable display that can be moved or adjusted cheaply and quickly.

We currently carry the Kodak brands of both removable vinyl and scrim banners. Both are compatible with a wide range of printing systems and have a very wide range of potential uses. As with all of our products we have purchased directly from the manufacturer and are able to offer you a price that you cannot find anywhere else. Feel free to call us at 1-805-747-4611, if you have any questions about this product.