Canvas & Paper Warehouse

a little bit about who we are

Canvas & Paper Warehouse is a big-fish warehouse system in a little-fish town along the south central coast of California. We're midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco where the cars in TV commercials float around windy coastal roads far above the cliffs over the ocean. We live and work on a bay with a harbor that has a fishing fleet. (By the way, we don't store fish in the warehouse.) A traffic jam around here is two cars ahead of you at a stop sign. It's laid back, but we are industrious and come to work each day with a story and a smile. You'll always get helpful, friendly service. That's a promise.

For the past 12 years, our companies have served the nation and the online world with fine art giclee reproductions and commercial printing, along with being a major supplier for stretcher bars through Stretcher Bar Warehouse and our other divisions. As our industry network grew, so did the assortment of products we provide. Our high-volume, low cost approach has benefited many companies, allowing them to raise their margins. Since we have also been in the same business, we understand how saving on media and consumables, such as ink, can make the difference between getting the job and making a profit once you get the work.

Today, our warehouse boasts a fresh and constant supply of quality inkjet paper, inkjet canvas or solvent canvas, as well as screen printing film and scrim, vinyl banner material. We even have flexographic film at exceptionally low prices.

how do we offer quality and super low prices?

Canvas & Paper Warehouse
buys from two sources. The first source is to buy from what we call, the "BigBoys" who sell the printers we use. The myth is, that they want you to believe that they literally make their proprietary aqueous paper and aqueous canvas, but they don't. They contract with huge companies that have plants around the world to produce the master rolls of the product they sell. I'm sure some of you have wondered why 10.4 mil Semi-Matte RC Paper seems to be the same as 10.4 mil Luster RC Paper or 10.4 mil Semi-Gloss Paper. Well, the stamp on the back is different, but the paper came from one of three major companies that we know that create the paper. Different "BigBoys" called the paper by a different sheen so they could establish a difference between themselves and their competitor. They're smart, they really are.

Our second source is buying from the actual manufacturers. It's indistinguishable in most cases. The point is that the "BigBoys" want you to think that it's their paper and you'll only get quality output by using "their" paper. Frankly, it's the same situation with ink. Through our other division, ProInkUSA, we sell a USA made ink that's better than the "BigBoys" inks that they insist you use. That's ultimately how they make their money and why they are selling printers at a bargain with new ink sets. Change the ink set and the third party ink providers will need time to catch up to the modification and create new control chips, giving them time to cash in on their exorbitantly, high priced ink. Whether it's inkjet paper, inkjet canvas, eco-solvent canvas of screen printing film, you'll be buying quality printing media or your money back. Guaranteed!

<\!-more-> do we back up what we sell?

You bet we back up what we sell. We absolutely guarantee everything we sell with 100% money back guarantee including your shipping and return of the product if you're not happy with it. Really. There's no hassle and you'll find we're still friendly and not grumpy. We value our customers and want them to enjoy the savings, quality and profit they'll experience working with Canvas & Paper Warehouse.

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